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Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (5).png

1. Click here to make an online profile through Dance Studio Pro ( this will be your way to check statements, register and pay for all classes) 
2. Once you make an account, scroll down and click on “Register for Classes”. Choose 2202/2023 Season and select the class you wish to register/trial. Please note, free trials do NOT apply to the Adult Division. 
3. If selecting trial, choose which trial date from the drop down menu 
4. Pay for registered class and you’re all set! Payment is needed for completion of registration. Auto pay is preferred. 

Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (14).png

Registration Fee (one time fee)

Costume Fee (one time fee)

1 X 1 Hour Class

2 X 1 Hour class

3 X 1 Hour class

4 X 1 Hour class

5 X 1 Hour class

6 X 1 Hour class

$25 per student

$85 per class

$75 per month

$140 per month

$188 per month

$232 per month

$270 per month

$315 per month

Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (14).png
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