We are happy to offer an adult program for all dancers 18+; beginner, experienced and everything in between! This program is for dancers who want to continue their dance training or start a new hobby! Our classes are geared towards the beginner but will be adjusted according to each class skill level. We offer Hip Hop, Ballet, Conditioning and Salsa! 

Hip Hop: 

Come groove to the latest (or oldies) upbeat music and break a sweat in this work hard play hard fun environment! Guaranteed to be the most fun workout you will come across! Bust a move at your next wedding or come for social hour. What ever the motivation, we'll challenge you in this class! 


More structured form of dance, this class will focus on the foundations of dance. It will improve your coordination, flexibility and everyday motor skills! Whether you are continuing your dance training or starting fresh, you can't go wrong with ballet. 



Adult Tap: 

Move your feet and be challenged in this rhythmic and dynamic style of dance. You will be making sounds with your feet and learning a whole different kind of coordination! Guaranteed to improve your musicality, coordination and strength. *Tap shoes required*


Need I say more? Come with a partner or come solo! This class will go through the basics of Salsa, working its way up through the 8 week sessions. Learn how to smoothly move those hips and capture anyone that's watching! Plus, social dancing is just plain fun! 

Our adult program runs in 8 week sessions starting in September. 

8 week session:

$150 for 1 style of dance 

= $18.75/class 


Drop Ins:

(cash or e-transfer upon arrival *registration still required*)

Email us for more information!