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AGES 10+

Our classes are all Beginner/Intermediate (0-4 years of experience). Our teachers do an excellent job in making sure all our dancers are challenged.

We offer Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Breakdance and Acro. Split classes learn 2 dances for recital. Split classes require both sets of shoes.


All recreational classes run once a week from September-June with the continuation into our summer session after recital. This program participates in our Year End Recital & Picture Day. 

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Our progressive syllabus focuses on a  dancers fluidity with emphasis on technique. Ballet allows dancers to practice coordination and explore the lines of the body, starting from the tips of the fingers to the point of each toes. Our studio welcomes dancers to build the foundations needed to excel while in a nurturing safe space. 

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Strut into class and get ready to jump, turn and step! This upbeat style challenges dancers to bring the energy while practicing good technique. Our class offers a variety of exercises including stretching, strength training, across the floor movements, mini combinations and more.


Build your coordination, rhythm and musicality skills while using your feet to create music! Tap dance is a great way to hear music differently than others. It allows your brain to pick up rhythms and translate it to your feet! 


Lyrical is a combination style of ballet and jazz. Incorporating technique from both styles while adding fluidity and storytelling. This style encourages dancers to put emotions and movement in one sentence and leave their heart on the dance floor. 


This high-energy class encourages you to bring the attitude and style. In this class,  individuals can be free and have fun while incorporating different street techniques. 

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Bring your own style and flare and feel the music! Energetic form of dance that includes stylized footwork and athletic moves. This challenging style of dance uses strength, flexibility and stamina.

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This style combines classic technique of dance and the tricks and flare of gymnastics. It is a dynamic style of dance that involves strength, precision and agility. 

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