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1.Every student must be registered before starting a class
2. $25 registration fee/dancer + one month tuition must be paid at time of registration (non- refundable)

3. There will be a convenience fee for every CC transaction that the system is charging. You are welcome to pay via cash, post-dated cheques or E-transfer. Though online CC is preferred.

4. Trial classes are only free for the first class, new or returning students. You can only trial 1 free class. Thereafter it will be $18.75/class + GST

5. Classes must be dropped BEFORE the 15th of every month in order to not be charged for the next month, less the deposit given at time of registration. Classes that were already taken will not be refunded. Please refrain

from dropping classes after November 1st as this affects the rest of the class (recital dances and progression). Registering for dance class in a full season commitment. 6. Withdrawals after the 15th are subject to pay to the remainder of the tuition for that month. This fee will be applied as a credit to use for future classes or camps held at IMD and may be transferred to a family member or friend (only applies to classes that the student has not attendedand valid only for the remainder of current season).

7. Withdrawal date is October 10th. Withdrawals after October 10th are subject to paying the costume fee, competition fees, apparel and any other pre-planned expense that has already been ordered/booked.

8. All withdrawals must be made in writing with as much advanced notice as possible.
9. Any classes missed by a student will not be refunded, credited or transferable but student can make it up in

any other class in the same level (subject to class size)
10. IMD has the right to run classes as we see fit, whether that be in person or online.

11. Schedule is subject to availability. IMD needs a minimum of 4 students to run a class. IMD has the right to change/cancel any classes that do not meet the minimum requirement. We will transfer your dancer to the

closest operating class. If the new schedule does not work for you, a refund for the remainder of the month will be given, less the weeks that were running.


  • Any classes cancelled by IMD due to unforeseen circumstance ei. Weather, pandemic, etc. will be made up at a later date, subject to studio and teacher availability and can be either in person or online.

  • If pandemic shuts down the studio, IMD will resume classes online. No refunds or change of tuition will be granted.

  • Masks are not mandatory; it is the option of each student/family.

  • Temperature will no longer be checked.

  • Common areas will frequently be cleaned

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