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  • Camps will run from 9AM-3PM. Each week will have a theme.

  • At the end of each camp, the dancers will put on a performance for you to come watch!

  • All camps are inclusive, all welcome! 


July 8th-12th | 9am- 3pm



Step into the enchanting world of 'The Era's Camp,' a week-long celebration where Taylor Swift's music, dance, and creativity take center stage, one era at a time! 

Throughout the week:

  • Get active and dance to the rhythm of Swift’s chart topping hits

  • Create Era’s inspired crafts… Of course we’re making friendship bracelets!

  • End of week performance: dress up in your favourite era and put on a Taylor approved performance!


... Are you ready for it?

PRICING: $350.00

July 22nd-26th | 9am - 3pm



Welcome to 'Cirque-Tacular,' where the enchanting world of the circus awaits you! Whether it's mastering and learning fun new skills or expressing your creativity through hands-on crafts, every moment becomes a journey of discovery and excitement. Picture yourself in the magical ambiance of a circus tent, where your imagination takes center stage. As the week unfolds, you'll hone your newfound skills and channel your creativity into a special showcase performance, making this an unforgettable adventure of learning, crafting, and shining under the imaginary big top!

 PRICING: $350.00

August 12th - 16th | 9am - 3pm


Camps (summer and spring).png

Dance to some of your favourite Broadway beats at 'Musical Theatre Madness' camp! This camp is a triple-threat, we will:

  •  Sing along to your favourite broadway songs - no experience required, we are just having fun!

  • Learn and perform dances 

  • Act-out scenes from various musical masterpieces. 

Together, we'll collectively choose one sensational musical to bring to life for our grand finale performance at the end of the week. Get ready to take the stage and unleash your inner Broadway star! 

PRICING: $350.00

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