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Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (26).png
Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (5).png

1. Click here to make an online profile through Dance Studio Pro ( this will be your way to check statements, register and pay for all classes) 

2. Once you make an account, scroll down and click on “Register for Classes”. Form here you can choose your age division and select the class you wish to register or trial. Please note free trials do NOT apply to the Adult Division. 

3. If selecting trial, choose which trial date from the drop down menu. 

4. Pay for registered class and you’re all set! Payment is needed for completion of registration. Auto-Pay is required. 

Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (14).png

Fall registration is now OPEN. Click HERE for tuition price, payment plans and multi-class discounts!

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Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (27).png

1.Every student must be registered and paid before the start of class.
2. All fees subject to GTS
3. All families must be enrolled in Auto-Pay in order to register. You can pay by e-transfer, credit or debit card as long as it is before the auto-pay deadline. There is a convenience fee for the use of your credit card through our system.
4. $25 late fee will be added 5 days after due date. 10 days after due date, your dancer will be pulled out of the class. Unless prior written notice and an agreement through the office has been made. Any overdue balances from the previous month must be paid before student can return to class.
5. We offer 1 free trial for new or existing students. Any class after that is $22.
6. Classes dropped before Feb 15th will be credited*.
7. Classes dropped after Drop Date will not be credited.
8.* Classes must be dropped with written notice before the next payment date.
9. Any credits on accounts can be transferred to a family member or friend.
10. Credit will stay on account for one season following.
11. Any classes missed by students will not be credited or refunded. You are welcome to make it up in another class of the same level/age group. 
12. IMD follows all school holidays.
13. We do not credit any holiday closure, however your dancer is welcome to make it up in any other class.
14. IMD has the right to run class as they see fit. I.e Zoom, or in person. 
15. Schedule is subject to change.
16. IMD reserves the right to cancel or combine any classes.
17. If we cannot find a class that suits your family a refund or credit will be given less the classes taken and any non-refundable fees.
18. If you choose to do the all-inclusive pricing and drop out, the portion paid will not be refunded or credited. 
19. If signing up after Feb 15th, the remainder of the course and any additional fees must be paid in full or max of 2 installments. There are no refunds or credits given after this date. 
20. Our programs run all year long (summer included). Must OPT OUT of summer months to avoid being charged past recital. Option to dance one or both of the summer months. Reminders will be sent out.


•    Any classes cancelled by IMD due to unforeseen circumstance ei. Weather, pandemic, etc. will be made up at a later date, subject to studio and teacher availability and can be either in person or online. 
•    If pandemic shuts down the studio, IMD will resume classes online. No refunds or change of tuition will be granted. 
•    Masks are not mandatory; it is the option of each student/family. 
•    Temperature will no longer be checked. 
•    Common areas will frequently be cleaned

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