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Our Tiny Tots Program are for ages 3-5 who want to explore a little more. Through imagery, creativity, music and story telling, these dancers will improve coordination, memory and musicality. It is the perfect gateway into the world of dance. 


All recreational classes run once a week from September-June. Each class participates in a year end recital to show off all their hard work to their family and friends!

This class focuses on the combination of ballet and tap in one class. It opens the dancers mind to both technique and musicality! Through creative movement and exploration, dancers will learn the basic foundation of dance! 

Girls attire

Black bodysuit and pink tights (black skirt optional)


Black ballet shoes AND Black tap shoes

Boys attire

white/black form fitting t-shirt with shorts/pants/leggings


Canvas black ballet shoes. 

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Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (21).png

Saturday 10:45-11:45am

Saturday 12:45-1:45pm

This high-energy class encourages you to bring the attitude and style. In this class,  individuals can be free and have fun while incorporating different street techniques. 

Tiny Tots Program (Flyer (Portrait)) (12).png


Comfortable form-fitting clothes you can move in. No jeans.


Clean indoor sneakers


Hair off face


Saturday 10:00-10:45am

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Registration Fee & Costume Fee:

These are both one time payments due at time of registration and are both non-refundable.

  • Reg fee is per dancer not per family (2 students = $25x2).

  • Costume fee is per class taken not per student (3 classes = $85x3). This costume is custom fit to each dancer and is yours to keep. This is not the uniform for class, this is the costume for our year end recital.


Fees & Tuition:

Our fees are broken down into monthly instalments based on the number of classes you take. With the option to pay in full if you wish

Registration Fee

$25 per student

Costume Fee

$85 per class

45 Minute Class

$60 per month

1 Hour class

$75 per month

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